Big orders

Whether you have a business and want to sell our products, or if you have a yoga school and want to renew the articles for the practice, or if you just want to buy big amount of products because you simply love them, you are in the correct site.

You can place an order indicating quantities of the items that you want and and get a special price for them in return.

To be able to get the reduced prices, it is necessary that you place an order of at least 5 units of any of the products category. They don’t need to be all the same! For example; you can buy 5 microfiber mats even thought they all have different design.

It´s not necessary that you buy all the products categories. We just need you to make an order that worth at least 400€.

Shipping costs are not included in this prices and we will calculate them once you place the order. After we receive your order we will send you a budget with the final amount and the bank account. We will send the goods after receiving the payment

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