Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

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We have already talked about all the benefits of yoga in the development of children. But, what benefits does yoga have for pregnant women?

Everyone knows that pregnancy is a unique and very special moment for women. Changes that occur in a pregnant woman are not only seen from the outside but also felt internally and mentally. That is why pregnancy is a particularly appropriate time to practice Yoga. Due to her new sensitivity, the woman can connect in a deeper way with her own body and intuition.

Why practice yoga during pregnancy?

The future moms should enjoy nine months of happy and healthy pregnancy. In this way, the baby can develop healthily and without stress. The goal of Yoga classes for pregnant women is to help them with the care of their bodies and emotions. It also prepares them for a conscious role in childbirth. In yoga class, the three basic pillars that a woman should develop during pregnancy are worked on; Trust, creativity and delivery.

The woman, in body and soul, lives through the process of pregnancy and motherhood many changes. Everyone knows that the processes of change usually take us out of our position of well-being and balance. That’s why it’s important to live the pregnancy in a conscious and attentive way. The woman must open up to integrate the changes in order to generate the necessary learning to later raise the children.

Pregnancy is an opportunity for the woman to connect in depth with her own body and senses. In addition, it helps them develop the emotional, mental and physical aspects that prepare them for birth and upbringing.

Thus, each trimester plays a different role in the evolution of women towards the path as a future mother:

  • The first trimester asks the woman to feel the life that grows in her.
  • The second trimester allows the flow of life to mold its Being.
  • The third trimester opens to the life that will cross her body and transform her into a woman-mother.

Pregnancy is also a moment that deeply marks the integral development of the baby. It’s important that the woman feels well physically and emotionally before, during and after delivery. The practice of yoga exercises is a very important support to achieve that well-being.

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

There are many benefits that a pregnant woman can obtain from yoga:


Practicing yoga helps to soften the typical symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fluid retention, headache, fatigue, back pain.

It also favors the adaptation of the body and the healthy growth of the child. Helps to relax the abdominal walls, facilitates the circulation and oxygenation of the blood and improves rest during the night.


Other fundamental benefits during this time is that yoga develops confidence in the natural process of pregnancy. The regular practice of yoga generates tranquility, helps to listen to oneself and to understand the natural rhythms of the body. In short, yoga connects women with all their inner strength.


The breathing exercises that are learned in yoga (pranayama) help to prepare the delivery and to face it with more serenity. They help to have a higher level of consciousness at the time of giving birth.

The practice of positive thinking helps prepare the when and how to give birth without fear or pain.

And after delivery?

After delivery, yoga helps the body to return to its previous state, helps the organs to return to their place and regulates the metabolism. It’s also a very useful tool to stabilize the mind and channel emotions in a moment of change as great as it is to have a child.

I hope this article has helped you a little more to know the enormous benefit that yoga can have on your pregnancy process. But I’m sure that once you start practicing yoga you will see that the well-being you feel is even greater than you imagined.

This article has been written by Ehiä. We are a team formed in education, psychology, pedagogy and yoga for adults, families and children. After our personal and professional experiences we have been able to experience all the improvements that this practice entails.

At Ehiä we want to contribute with the care of the body and emotions in this special and transforming moment. Our focus is to bring the practice of yoga to children and families and we are honored to start this work from its beginning, pregnancy.

Yoga goes through an endless path but the route is magical. Enjoy the process and if you liked this article we encourage you to share it in your social networks and leave us a comment.

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